The following are resources available to all churches.

Cash Management Procedure

The cash management procedure documents the handling of cash at churches.  This audit requirement to have a documented reproducible and audible procedure is a must have for churches.  You can download on PDF in the following link.


Stewardship Ministry Training – Slide Deck

This training goes hand in hand with the Church Cash Management procedure found also on this page.  The slide deck is hosted in SlideShare.


Book Resource in PDF Form: Un momento para mayordomía – by Manuel Collazo

The book explores the method for speaking on the subject of stewardship to congregations.  These short reflections on biblical texts on stewardship help maintain focus on what the Bible speaks on the subject.  The book is in Spanish and available via the Apple iBook Store.  It is available here in PDF form.

On the iBooks Store

Direct download on PDF   DownloadPDF

 Sample Church By Laws

The Church By Laws document defines who you are.  The attached by laws has been compiled from the best samples found on the internet.  This defines what the Church Theological thoughts are and are presented here as a sample.  The file can be used as the base document for other churches to follow.



Sample Budget

The Church budget and what to include and not include can be a frustrating exercise for any Stewardship Ministry.  The sample budget is based on a church size of 50 donating entities (donors) in the northeast with a median salary of $50,711.  Adjustments can be made to the formulas for your church size and number of donors.  The use of a median salary per donating entity helps cover those members that are retired and are on a fixed income by balancing the income distribution of the church.  The median salary for the zip code that the church servers can be easily found doing a google search such as “Median Income for Zip Code = [your zip code]” .  Ethnic churches are advised to lower the median salary by 20-30%.  This gives the church a more robust method for challenging the congregation instead of  using the default method of “the same as last year+ x%”.

The budget is in Spanish.



Church Management Systems

The management of information is vital in this day and age.  The use of electronic data systems can help a church maintain their information in a secure and complete way, allowing the proper filing of reports and forms to government agencies.  A Church Membership system assists administrators and the pastor in keeping a current list of donors, members, and family groups in a centralized fashion.  This presentation in Spanish goes over the use and of Church Management Systems.